Why is the Green Deal needed?

The Climate Change Act 2008 legislated for a reduction in our carbon emissions. It set legally-binding carbon budgets for our country for the next 12 years across all sectors of the UK economy - including our homes, communities, and our workplaces.

The Green Deal will enable many households and businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their properties by assisting with financial help in easing the initial upfront cost of implementing any of the listed renewable or energy saving initiatives.

Green Deal Process

  1. Following the assessment of your property, you will receive a comprehensive quote, clearly breaking down the total cost of energy efficiency installations for your property, the size of repayment installments that will be shown on your utility bills and the estimated length of the repayment period.

  2. Green Deal Provider approves the improvement measure/s, and finance is provided from the Green Deal Provider to both homeowners and or tenants. However, written consent from the bill payer and anyone who has an interest in the property (including landlords and freeholders) will be required before the improvement measures are installed. This is not a loan.

  3. Once a Green Deal Provider has been approved the improvement measure/s, the installation will be arranged and carried out by a certified Green Deal Installer.

  4. Although a Green Deal finance plan requested by a homeowner or small business is not a personal loan, it is likely to be considered a fixed term credit arrangement and customers will therefore be protected under the Consumer Credit Act. Any payments will be covered by the savings the improvement measures create.

  5. As soon as your improvement measure/s have been installed you will begin to benefit from the related technology. In the case where solar panels are installed, you will receive free electricity and or hot water.

List of Approved Measures

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning Condensing boilers Heating controls Under-floor heating Heat recovery systems Mechanical ventilation (non-domestic) Flue gas recovery devices
Building Fabic Cavity wall insulation Loft insulation Flat roof insulation Internal wall insulation External wall insulation Draught proofing Floor insulation Heating system insulation (cylinder, pipes) Energy efficient glazing and doors
Lighting Lighting fittings Lighting controls
Water heating Innovative hot water systems Water efficient taps and showers.
Micro generation Ground and air source heat pumps, Solar thermal, Solar PV, Biomass boilers Micro-CHP

Acceptance Criteria

  1. The "Main" simple rule to remember The expected financial savings must be equal to or greater than the costs attached to the energy bill, known as ?the golden rule? of the Green Deal.

  2. The measures must be approved and the claimed bill savings must be those accredited through this process.

  3. The measures installed must have been recommended for that property by an accredited, objective adviser who has carried out an assessment.

  4. The measures must be installed by an accredited installer.

  5. For householders, the Green Deal provider must give appropriate advice within the terms of the Consumer Credit Act and take account of the individual circumstances of the applicant.

  6. The Green Deal provider must have consent from the relevant parties, including the express consent of the current energy bill-payer.

  7. The presence of a Green Deal must be properly disclosed to subsequent bill payer/s (e.g. new owners or tenants) alongside energy performance information.

The above is a general guide to the Green Deal Proposal. Please phone or email Dynamic Energies Ltd for further information specific questions.

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